H2O PurePlus® is a unique non-chemical water treatment and reuse system that has worldwide domestic, community, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications.


H2O PurePlus® achieves dramatic water savings by naturally cleaning both grey and black water for completely safe reuse inside and outside the home and work place.


The system is covered by international patent and has been thoroughly and successfully tested at multiple sites over many years.

It is virtually maintenance free. It produces clean, potable standard water from domestic grey and black water applications, and very high quality water in all other situations.


The H2O Pure Plus® revolutionary natural wastewater treatment system for the multiple reuse of domestic and commercial recyclable water is approved by the Australian Governing bodies.


H2O Pure Plus® systems have the highest classification in the state of Queensland and possibly in Australia, which enables treated water to be used both inside and outside the dwelling or workplace.


For the first time grey water can be returned to the dwelling to be safely reused in toilets and laundry areas. This has huge ramifications for the way local government assesses residential water recycling in the future.


The approval allows treated "black" water to be used externally, with the quality of water achieved now having the potential for local councils to eradicate existing and environmentally unsound septic systems.


Along with the Australian approval, H2O Pure Plus® also has full quality assurance accreditation from international standards company SAI Global.


New modular systems tailored to multiple domestic applications are available in Australia and soon to be released internationally.

H2O PurePlus® is good for the planet - generating clean and healthy water to protect you and your family, to protect community green assets, to achieve massive commercial water use and to add real value to industrial and agricultural activities.

H2O PurePlus® is right as rain!


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